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I would like to say to anyone considering getting into the blind cleaning/repair business that they should go through Dirtyblinds.com. I think of the 1-on-1 training, the online training, the 24/7 support, the passion you have for this industry, how you really do care about your clients... Not to mention your knowledge and expertise.

After coming to Buffalo, NY for training and then your most recent visit, I've had time to get to know what makes Marc tick; I now think to myself "why would anyone want to go through any other company?"... Not only do you want to see your clients succeed but you hope to create friendships in the process.

We have brought a great (needed) service to our area. Our customers love the service. It is so great to see the blinds transform and the smiles from our customers. We look forward to building a great business relationship with you and more importantly a strong friendship.

John & Margaret Albrecht
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Company Information


Our Company was founded by Marc Miller (president) in 1987 as a blind installation and window washing company.  After years of installing blinds and washing windows, customers continued to ask, "Do you know anyone who cleans blinds?"  After four(4) years of hearing this request for blind cleaning, it prompted us to investigate offering a blind cleaning service as an addition to the existing window washing and blind installation business.  We visited or contacted all the major ultrasonic equipment manufacturers and decided upon a company to purchase a blind cleaning machine from.  We were given less than one day of training on how to clean blinds and run our new business.  Unfortunately, after purchasing this equipment, we came to the conclusion that neither this company nor any other company in the industry had any real concept of how to market the blind cleaning service effectively or clean blinds correctly.  At that time, we had to literally shut our business down for several weeks while we went through the learning curve alone on how to clean every type of blind without the guesswork.  As we were learning, we took this information and compiled it into a computer database so that we could train our future employees about blind cleaning.  Tying that in with our marketing skills, we developed into one of the largest and most successful blind cleaning operations on the East Coast.  At that point, we realized from our business mistakes and our own experiences with cleaning blinds that it requires more than half-a-day's training to be a successful blind cleaning operation.  That's why Dirtyblinds.com created both a three (3) day Hands-On Training course which evolved into the industries Only Digital Quality On-Line Training Program.



Our first name in business was Hang & Shine, although a cute name, customers for some reason had a hard time remembering this simple cute name. They would call us names like Hung & Dried & Hang a Blind etc.

Before we became too established, we decided to test our marketing skills to rename our blind cleaning company something clients would remember. For two years all of our blind cleaners were instructed while giving an estimate to point to the blinds in their house and ask them "what do we have here"?  Over 94% of all of these customers said dirty blinds, that's why we called you. After two years of hearing 94% of people saying dirty blinds, we realized at that point it wouldn't be hard to remember that name.  What a home run this was, anytime someone looked at their dirty blinds they already said the name of our company. They don't even have to look for a phone number, just look on the internet for dirty blinds or dirtyblinds.com and there we are.



In 1992, we started to receive many phone calls from people who had purchased their equipment from other manufacturers as we had the year before.  The large volume of calls that we received caused us to realize that manufacturers were just selling blind cleaning machines.  So we decided to provide what they didn't: COMPLETE TRAINING that would enable people to run a successful blind cleaning business.  Once we became the top training facility in the industry, we found that the clients that were growing, due to our training, would reluctantly return to those same manufactures for additional machines.  Seeing the need for a company that would provide both high quality machines and unbeatable training, we began to develop our own blind cleaning machine.  With the sale of our machines, Dirtyblinds.com became the industry's only one stop ultrasonic blind cleaning company, providing proper training in blind cleaning, installation, sales, repair, marketing, and most importantly our unmatched 24/7 after market support.  Let's face it, without knowing how to get the work, the machines are useless.  As people started to show a growing concern about the expensive and unnecessary "bells & whistles" that other manufactures provided, we decided that we would design a reasonably priced, user-friendly blind cleaning machine that would only have the features blind cleaners need to be successful.



As the leaders in the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry, dirtyblinds.com has taken on the responsibility of researching and developing more efficient ways for our clients to service their customer's needs.  In the rapidly growing industry of window blinds, new blinds are always being introduced to the market place. With the introduction of these new blinds, new cleaning techniques are going to be required.  Who better to teach these new cleaning techniques then the company that developed most of them in existence today?  Our goal in the industry today as well as the future is to always look for the best way to clean, market and service to the blind cleaning customer.

At dirtyblinds.com we have invested our time and money developing some of the most unique marketing concepts known in the blind cleaning industry today. Unlike our competitors we do not solely rely on our clients to inform us on the new ways to market the service.  With our marketing background, we are constantly seeking proven and inexpensive ways to market the ultrasonic cleaning business.  If traditional methods of distributing flyers, running radio or television spots are all that is needed to run a successful blind cleaning business, then the pursuit of the ultimate marketing concept would not be in need.  Our clients feel that we have come up with the ultimate marketing package, but we feel at Dirtyblinds.com that it is our responsibility to continuously research and test new ideas.

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