Dirty Blinds Training
Dirtyblinds.com's On-Line Blind Cleaning training has proven to be a true blessing. If I am ever on a blind cleaning job and I am in question about a blind cleaning issue, I can simply utilize my lap top, log onto the online training program and seek the answer to my question(s). The videos are clear and easy to understand. I love the reference charts as well. You can tell this on-line training was put together by someone who has been cleaning & repairing blinds for a long time.

Way to go Marc! You are such an innovator in the blind industry! Please keep up the good work.

Cynthia Simms
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Course 3: Shop Setup     Course 4: Repairs
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Course #4: Blind Repair Course

•   Blind Repair Price Charts
•   Re-Ladder Venetian Blinds
•   Repair Mini Blinds
      •   Cut The Width
      •   Repair Ladders
      •   Replace Tilt Controls
      •   Replace Wands
      •   Restring Mini Blinds
      •   Shorten A Mini Blind
•   Restring A Top Down - Bottom Up Shade
•   Restringing Pleated or Honeycomb Shades
•   Vertical Blind Repairs