Dirty Blinds Training
Dear Marc,
We found your company online and after comparing you with other blind cleaning opportunities, found you offered the most detailed, extensive Hands-On & On-Line Training. The trailer and equipment inside is very professionally set up and everything we need. I must say we look pretty sharp when we arrive at a job.

We spent three days at your training center for hands on training and marketing. You have been there for many phone calls and e-mails since. You really do mean you have help 24/7 when we need it. Your On-Line Training is very detailed and helps with any and every type of blind we should encounter.

Thank you for your enthusiasm as it has instilled enthusiasm in us for our business.

Peter Edwins
Jack Bogan
Course 1: Certification     Course 2: Marketing

Course 3: Shop Setup     Course 4: Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't see the video. How do I fix this?
FOR PC - If you are using a PC, first try installing a new video player plug-in. We recommend VideoLan (VLC). It's free and it's effective. If that doesn't fix your problem, try downloading this codec pack and installing it. During the installation process it may ask you if you would like to install some other programs. You do not have to install those other "additional" programs. After that, any problems should be all fixed.

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Now all audio will work again across the site.

Q: Can I use this on an iPad?
No. For security reasons, this web site can only be used on desktop systems. DirtyBlinds.com members can access training content on the iPad by downloading the DirtyBlinds.com Command Center