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Dear Marc & Lou Ann
Your Hands-On & On-Line Training is superior to anything your competition offers. In most cases we just log in to your On-Line Training site to study or get answers to our question(s), however when we call with a question or for help, you answer, or call us right back... That's SUPPORT!! Since we returned home we have landed several big accounts (Applebee's, Friendly's), and have done a lot of residential work as well. We're excited because we have only started a few months ago, and realize we've barely scratched the surface. Not only are we happy we've started a business relationship with you, we also feel like we've made a friend for life.

Thank you very much for everything, and we are extremely excited to be growing this business with you!!

Thank You,
Rich D'Orsa & Dorothy Kircher
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Course #2: Blind Cleaning Marketing Course

Blind Cleaning Marketing Course
Regular Price $595.95
Pay only $100 with a BlindCleaners.com Listing

Welcome to our On-Line Marketing Training Course. We have been training clients in this industry since 1992. Our marketing program is time tested and proven to be the best in the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry.

This step by step marketing program will help you develop into an all around one stop shopping center. The audio, videos, literature and pictures that are included in this course will instruct you on how to market your business to a variety of businesses and homes.  There is a fine line between advertising and marketing, one takes a lot of your money (advertising) and the other takes more of your time(marketing). We at Dirtyblinds.com prefer to use our skills and time and save our money.

As we develop and time test a new marketing idea, we will list it in this marketing section. To us training is an ongoing process

At Dirtyblinds.com we are always open to suggestions. If you would like to suggest a topic or idea please call or email us under the "Company & Contact Information" link at the bottom of each page.

Remember, we are here to help & support our clients, not just to sell them a blind cleaner.

  • A) Marketing Introduction
  • Compete Selling Blinds
  • Demo Business Card (DVD)
  • Home Show Check List
  • How & Who To Network With
  • How To Promote Coupons
  • How To Set Up Dry Cleaners
  • Maximize Flyer Distribution
  • Promoting Blind Installations
  • Promoting Blind Repairs
  • Referral Rewards Card
  • Sample Forms
  • Sample Letters
  • The Importance Of Live Demonstrations
  • Why E-mail Addresses Are Important
  • Working With Janitorial Companies