Dirty Blinds Training
Mr. Miller,
I'm not one to write testimonials... but here's what I think about your on-line training. WERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

I bought a blind cleaner from one of your competitors in 2008, and visited them for 2 days of hands on training.

We spent over $24,000.00 and didn't learn one 50th of what I have learned from your on-line training. This is awesome stuff. I love the videos and how clear they are. As we grow all of our employees will take this training and your certification test before ever touching a blind.

Your company should market more, so people like me don't make the mistake of purchasing from manufactures that don't have a clue.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... Can't say "Thank You" enough.

Sheryl & Dominic Kelly
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Course 3: Shop Setup     Course 4: Repairs
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