Dirty Blinds Training
Mr. Miller,
I'm not one to write testimonials…but here's what I think about your on-line training. WERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

I bought a blind cleaner from one of your competitors in 2008, and visited them for 2 days of hands on training.

We spent over $24,000.00 and didn't learn one 50th of what I have learned from your on-line training. This is awesome stuff. I love the videos and how clear they are. As we grow all of our employees will take this training and your certification test before ever touching a blind.

Your company should market more, so people like me don't make the mistake of purchasing from manufactures that don't have a clue.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… Can't say "Thank You" enough.

Sheryl & Dominic Kelly
Course 1: Certification     Course 2: Marketing

Course 3: Shop Setup     Course 4: Repairs

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Remember, when you buy your equipment from us you get all this training for free!
#1: Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Course$995.95
 lesson: A) Getting Started
 lesson: Back Up On-Site Trailer
 lesson: Blind Cleaner Maintenance
 lesson: Blind Cleaning Golden Rules
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Cold Is Cool Theory
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Speeding Theory
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Superman Theory
 lesson: Blind Cleaning Reference Charts
 lesson: Cleaning Faux Woods
 lesson: Cleaning Honeycomb Shades
 unit: A) Step By Step Cleaning Procedures for Honeycomb Shades
 unit: Bright Color Shades
 unit: Light Pastel Color Shades
 unit: Metallic Lined Shades
 lesson: Cleaning Luminette Drapes
 unit: Angelica Fabric (Non Room Darkening)
 unit: Linea Fabric (Non Roon Darkening)
 unit: Sheer Linen (Non Room Darkening)
 unit: Stria Fabric (Non Room Darkening)
 lesson: Cleaning Mini Blinds
 unit: A) How To Take Down Mini Blinds
 unit: B) Step By Step Mini Blind Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Brushed Aluminum
 unit: Flat Finish
 unit: Gloss Finish
 unit: Metallic Finish
 unit: Pearl Finish
 unit: Perforated Finish
 unit: Soft Suede Finish
 unit: Texture Finish
 lesson: Cleaning Pleated Shades
 unit: A) How To Take Down Pleated Shades
 unit: B) Step By Step Pleated Shade Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Bright or Multi Color
 unit: Light Pastel Color
 unit: Metallic Backed
 unit: Plastic Backing
 unit: Shear with Metalic Backing
 lesson: Cleaning Silhouette Shades
 unit: A) How To Take Down Silhouettes
 unit: B) Step By Step Silhouette Cleaning Procedure
 unit: Silhouette - Bon Soir
 unit: Silhouette - Originale & Naturelle
 lesson: Cleaning Vertical Blinds
 unit: A) How To Take Down Vertical Blinds
 unit: B) Step By Step Vertical Blind Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Basic Polyester
 unit: Bright Polyester
 unit: Macrame Verticals
 unit: Material with Aluminum Backing
 unit: Mirror Finish
 unit: Multi Color Polyester
 unit: Paper Backing
 unit: Plain Vinyl
 unit: Plastic Backing
 unit: Polyester w/Sizing
 unit: Vinyl Laminated Striped
 unit: Vinyl with Cloth Inserted
 lesson: Cleaning Vignette Shades
 unit: How To Take Down Vignette Shades
 lesson: Cleaning Wood Blinds
 lesson: Drying All Types of Blinds
 unit: Drying Cloth Free Hanging Verticals
 unit: Drying Cloth Inserted Verticals
 unit: Drying Mini Blinds & Faux Woods
 unit: Drying Pleated and Honeycomb Shades
 unit: Drying Silhouettes On-Site
 unit: Drying Vinyl Verticals
 lesson: Helpful Hints for Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
 lesson: Levolor Riviera Flat Finish Mini Blind Cleaning Procedure
 lesson: Price Blind Cleaning Jobs
 lesson: Removing and Re-hanging Blinds
 lesson: Safety Guidelines
 lesson: Ultrasonics (Definition)
 lesson: Wrapping Blinds For Pick Up
 unit: Wrap Horizontal Blinds
 unit: Wrap Vertical Blinds
#2: Blind Cleaning Marketing Course$595.95
 lesson: A) Marketing Introduction
 lesson: Compete Selling Blinds
 lesson: Demo Business Card (DVD)
 lesson: Home Show Check List
 lesson: How & Who To Network With
 lesson: How To Promote Coupons
 lesson: How To Set Up Dry Cleaners
 unit: Dry Cleaner Hanger Tag
 unit: Price Charts for Dry Cleaners
 unit: Six (6) Steps for Opening a Dry Cleaner
 lesson: Maximize Flyer Distribution
 lesson: Promoting Blind Installations
 lesson: Promoting Blind Repairs
 lesson: Referral Rewards Card
 unit: Referral Letter Issued With Each Card
 unit: Thank You Letter To Return Referral Card
 lesson: Sample Forms
 unit: Cold Call Sheet
 unit: Commerical Invoice
 unit: Job Performance Sheet
 unit: Phone Log Sheet
 unit: Sales Receipt
 unit: Work Order
 lesson: Sample Letters
 unit: Bid List
 unit: Blind Retailers & Wholesalers
 unit: Hospitals
 unit: Janitorial Companies
 unit: Large Commercial Jobs
 lesson: The Importance Of Live Demonstrations
 lesson: Why E-mail Addresses Are Important
 lesson: Working With Janitorial Companies
#3: Shop Set-Up Course$249.95
 lesson: Building a W.E.D. (water equalizer despenser)
 lesson: Building a Wipe Down Wall
 lesson: Draining a Blind Cleaner Real Fast
 lesson: Drying System, Work Bench, Wrapping Area
#4: Blind Repair Course$295.95
 lesson: Blind Repair Price Charts
 lesson: Re-Ladder Venetian Blinds
 lesson: Repair Mini Blinds
 unit: Cut The Width
 unit: Repair Ladders
 unit: Replace Tilt Controls
 unit: Replace Wands
 unit: Restring Mini Blinds
 unit: Shorten A Mini Blind
 lesson: Restring A Top Down - Bottom Up Shade
 lesson: Restringing Pleated or Honeycomb Shades
 lesson: Vertical Blind Repairs