Dirty Blinds Training
Dear Marc,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say Great Job!! At first we just bought a few lessons from your site to kick the tires per say. After seeing the quality and wealth of knowledge these lessons supplied us, we recently purchase the entire NACUC package.

This was the best investment we have made since purchasing our blind cleaner in 2001. Now that our company is growing, we will be purchasing another blind cleaner soon. This time you'll get our business.

Kellie Jackson
Course 1: Certification     Course 2: Marketing

Course 3: Shop Setup     Course 4: Repairs

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Remember, when you buy your equipment from us you get all this training for free!
#1: Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Course$995.95
 lesson: A) Getting Started
 lesson: Back Up On-Site Trailer
 lesson: Blind Cleaner Maintenance
 lesson: Blind Cleaning Golden Rules
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Cold Is Cool Theory
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Speeding Theory
 unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Superman Theory
 lesson: Blind Cleaning Reference Charts
 lesson: Cleaning Faux Woods
 lesson: Cleaning Honeycomb Shades
 unit: A) Step By Step Cleaning Procedures for Honeycomb Shades
 unit: Bright Color Shades
 unit: Light Pastel Color Shades
 unit: Metallic Lined Shades
 lesson: Cleaning Luminette Drapes
 unit: Angelica Fabric (Non Room Darkening)
 unit: Linea Fabric (Non Roon Darkening)
 unit: Sheer Linen (Non Room Darkening)
 unit: Stria Fabric (Non Room Darkening)
 lesson: Cleaning Mini Blinds
 unit: A) How To Take Down Mini Blinds
 unit: B) Step By Step Mini Blind Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Brushed Aluminum
 unit: Flat Finish
 unit: Gloss Finish
 unit: Metallic Finish
 unit: Pearl Finish
 unit: Perforated Finish
 unit: Soft Suede Finish
 unit: Texture Finish
 lesson: Cleaning Pleated Shades
 unit: A) How To Take Down Pleated Shades
 unit: B) Step By Step Pleated Shade Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Bright or Multi Color
 unit: Light Pastel Color
 unit: Metallic Backed
 unit: Plastic Backing
 unit: Shear with Metalic Backing
 lesson: Cleaning Silhouette Shades
 unit: A) How To Take Down Silhouettes
 unit: B) Step By Step Silhouette Cleaning Procedure
 unit: Silhouette - Bon Soir
 unit: Silhouette - Originale & Naturelle
 lesson: Cleaning Vertical Blinds
 unit: A) How To Take Down Vertical Blinds
 unit: B) Step By Step Vertical Blind Cleaning Procedures
 unit: Basic Polyester
 unit: Bright Polyester
 unit: Macrame Verticals
 unit: Material with Aluminum Backing
 unit: Mirror Finish
 unit: Multi Color Polyester
 unit: Paper Backing
 unit: Plain Vinyl
 unit: Plastic Backing
 unit: Polyester w/Sizing
 unit: Vinyl Laminated Striped
 unit: Vinyl with Cloth Inserted
 lesson: Cleaning Vignette Shades
 unit: How To Take Down Vignette Shades
 lesson: Cleaning Wood Blinds
 lesson: Drying All Types of Blinds
 unit: Drying Cloth Free Hanging Verticals
 unit: Drying Cloth Inserted Verticals
 unit: Drying Mini Blinds & Faux Woods
 unit: Drying Pleated and Honeycomb Shades
 unit: Drying Silhouettes On-Site
 unit: Drying Vinyl Verticals
 lesson: Helpful Hints for Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
 lesson: Levolor Riviera Flat Finish Mini Blind Cleaning Procedure
 lesson: Price Blind Cleaning Jobs
 lesson: Removing and Re-hanging Blinds
 lesson: Safety Guidelines
 lesson: Ultrasonics (Definition)
 lesson: Wrapping Blinds For Pick Up
 unit: Wrap Horizontal Blinds
 unit: Wrap Vertical Blinds
#2: Blind Cleaning Marketing Course$595.95
 lesson: A) Marketing Introduction
 lesson: Compete Selling Blinds
 lesson: Demo Business Card (DVD)
 lesson: Home Show Check List
 lesson: How & Who To Network With
 lesson: How To Promote Coupons
 lesson: How To Set Up Dry Cleaners
 unit: Dry Cleaner Hanger Tag
 unit: Price Charts for Dry Cleaners
 unit: Six (6) Steps for Opening a Dry Cleaner
 lesson: Maximize Flyer Distribution
 lesson: Promoting Blind Installations
 lesson: Promoting Blind Repairs
 lesson: Referral Rewards Card
 unit: Referral Letter Issued With Each Card
 unit: Thank You Letter To Return Referral Card
 lesson: Sample Forms
 unit: Cold Call Sheet
 unit: Commerical Invoice
 unit: Job Performance Sheet
 unit: Phone Log Sheet
 unit: Sales Receipt
 unit: Work Order
 lesson: Sample Letters
 unit: Bid List
 unit: Blind Retailers & Wholesalers
 unit: Hospitals
 unit: Janitorial Companies
 unit: Large Commercial Jobs
 lesson: The Importance Of Live Demonstrations
 lesson: Why E-mail Addresses Are Important
 lesson: Working With Janitorial Companies
#3: Shop Set-Up Course$249.95
 lesson: Building a W.E.D. (water equalizer despenser)
 lesson: Building a Wipe Down Wall
 lesson: Draining a Blind Cleaner Real Fast
 lesson: Drying System, Work Bench, Wrapping Area
#4: Blind Repair Course$295.95
 lesson: Blind Repair Price Charts
 lesson: Re-Ladder Venetian Blinds
 lesson: Repair Mini Blinds
 unit: Cut The Width
 unit: Repair Ladders
 unit: Replace Tilt Controls
 unit: Replace Wands
 unit: Restring Mini Blinds
 unit: Shorten A Mini Blind
 lesson: Restring A Top Down - Bottom Up Shade
 lesson: Restringing Pleated or Honeycomb Shades
 lesson: Vertical Blind Repairs